Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) aims to inherit and pass on traditional Chinese culture, while promoting multiracial harmony and continuous development of the local Chinese culture.

Fundraising and Charity Events Companies

The Zynger team has extensive experience in working with and managing committees and multiple stakeholders. All of our events are met with exceed exception mark in proficiency and competence. Zynger Events offer the same high level of professionalism and service ensuring that the fundraising and charity events companies have a fantastic experience. Call us on 323 366 2441 / 310 880 8386 or visit our site by clicking on

Manual or autofocusing

When shooting bird images it is equally important as with portraits of people tofocus on the eyes. My experience of photographing birds is from the backyard. Ican get very close to the birds and with a telephoto lens, I often have a veryshort depth of field. Therefore the focusing has to be very accurate to get theeyes sharp. Because of this most of the time especially when I come very closeto the birds I use manual focus.